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Interact Magazine: Meeting 5

For this week’s meeting we congregated in the Interact office with Anisha and a plate of mysteriously disappearing chocolate biscuits. In the way of mysteriously disappearing whenever I turned my back. (I did manage to sneak a couple before they vanished) And while crumbs were being scattered all over the carpet, we got down to business.

Formatting the articles was the first point of call; fonts, layouts and all kinds of jargon for the graphic designers to thrash out between them. We then discussed about how two different writers on the same article could meld their different pieces together, Anisha suggested boxes where facts and figures could be presented in order to break up the lengthy paragraphs. It’s all about presentation and capturing the attention of the reader.

The bit to be next focused on was the complaints section, where Biljana asked for a collection of complaints to grace the page, of all annoyances from PDA on the train to why self service machines at Tesco never worked. Cue a lengthy stream of complaints that nobody ended up writing down.

A few people then got off into a tangent discussing about David Beckham for some reason so for the next ten minutes irrelevant conversation ruled while everyone talked about various aspects of David Beckham. Emma distracted from the conversation by attempting to open the window for fresh air and nearly broke the blinds in the process.

Next on the agenda was pinned by Victoria who asked if anyone was ready to take profile pictures for the introduction page. Naturally everyone recoiled, complaining that she didn’t give us enough time, we didn’t look our best and could we do it next week? I suppose next week we’ll look much the same and we’ll still complain that we don’t look great. There’s no pleasing some people (me in particular. I always complain about the way my hair looks).

We then moved onto the poster for the edition, the idea of ‘image nation.’ We went through suggestions of caricature, the sights of London and black and white images. Further suggestions brought up the idea of public leaders and icons of Britain in unusual landscapes and scenery. Several suggestions involving the Queen on a motorbike or on a bus with her corgis smoking a spliff were bandied around for a while. Lord Sugar on a rickshaw, Kate Moss in India and Boris Johnson in front of the Taj Mahal were other suggestions. They must all be reading a copy of Interact magazine.

Anisha then moved us onto the Voxpop question; the end result was ‘What is your fear?’ Before we that we had half an hour of vigorous discussion of the topics, ranging from ‘what is your definition of funny?’ to ‘what is your favourite festival?’ and my personal favourite ‘what kind of underwear do you prefer wearing?’ Anisha firmly decided that ‘what is your fear?’ would be the question we would ask and invited us to answer off the cuff. Nick feared fish and I feared turning into my mother (later changed to grandmother so my mother wouldn’t be offended on reading that)

The last thing we wrapped up on was how to present ourselves with our pictures on the introduction page. Instead of all that boring blabber about what we like and where we studied and how our pet gerbil Harry likes to eat apples, we thought we’d do what the previous edition did and have a favourite quote, lyrics or line of poetry under our names to keep it simple. In a way, it makes it just as personal as all of that life story we’re normally encouraged to say about ourselves, just a line of lyric can reveal something of our character and personality.

All in all, we ended the meeting early with an additional recreational trip down to the pub for some of us.

Selina Moses


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