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Shafelia Ahmed

The case of shafelia Ahmed has been reopened. Shafelia Ahmed who was a young lady murdered and her body found in a black bag near a river. Shafelia Ahmeds death was probed a case of an honour killing led murder. The parents of Shafelia Ahmed were made to stand trial as main suspects to her death, However due to insufficient evidence they were found not guilty and let free to go.

The case has recently re opened as there is new supporting evidence from a witness which convicts her parents of carrying out the murder on their accords of honour. The witness 23 year old Alesha Ahmed who was 15 years old of age at the time of the murder made a witness statement. Miss Ahmedn who wished to be hidden away from her parents while giving evidence in a witness box.

The question that comes to my mind is how could police not have gained sufficient evidence have they failed another probe to an honour killing? Alesha Ahmed sister of Shafelia Ahmed who gave evidence to shed light on the case said Shafelia was suffocated with a plastic bag by being forcefully made to swallow it. There are many other questions in the failing of this investigation like couldn’t the Coroner have sussed the cause of death.

During the trial her sister mentioned a teacher over hearing her brother and herself talking about the murder as all the siblings were forced to watch the honour killing the night before. They were later questioned by the teacher on what had happened. The siblings were threatened to have a similar death if they dare mentioned a word to anyone. Hence pledged silence for their safety.

There seems to be a lot of flaws with the investigation. Another question that comes to mind is that is it just the police or is it the government to blame for such failing to understand such killings? Or the main people to blame the families and communities who practise such ill treatment towards others?

Najia Anwar


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