Shafelia Ahmed

The case of shafelia Ahmed has been reopened. Shafelia Ahmed who was a young lady murdered and her body found in a black bag near a river. Shafelia Ahmeds death was probed a case of an honour killing led murder. The parents of Shafelia Ahmed were made to stand trial as main suspects to her […]

Interact Magazine: Meeting 5

For this week’s meeting we congregated in the Interact office with Anisha and a plate of mysteriously disappearing chocolate biscuits. In the way of mysteriously disappearing whenever I turned my back. (I did manage to sneak a couple before they vanished) And while crumbs were being scattered all over the carpet, we got down to […]

Practice Makes Perfect, Except For the Foreseeable Future

Teachers are now placing a maximum of three spelling corrections in an over-sweetened panic of damaging a pupils self confidence. This decision is merely an act of false kindness and the definition of teacher has been marred by this surrogate of sensitivity. I am all for ensuring a pupil feels confident in their school environment, […]

Boris Johnson Wins the Race for Mayor

It would not be untrue to say that the Coalition government has not been popular since taking office in 2010 yet Boris Johnson seems as popular as ever with Londoners as he was re-elected as Mayor of London and is even being tipped by some as to taking over the Conservative party from David Cameron. Emotions were running […]

Originally posted on InteractBlogs:
Russell Brand has hit the headlines this week after appearing in parliament before the Home Affairs Select Committee to discuss his experience and views on drug abuse. A former addict himself, the elegiac funny man and Hollywood star appeared, as always, fashionably bedraggled, as if someone had used a Louis Vuitton…

Interact Magazine Editorial Meeting Blog (by Nick Chowdrey)

Last week at the Interact Magazine Editorial meeting we discussed, in depth, the article proposals that had been fleshed out the previous week. As usual, time ran away from us, (and I actually had to leave a bit early so I didn’t miss my train home), but the couple of hours we had together were […]

InterAct Environmental Film Project: come along to our special screenings

Interact has organised an interaction day as part of the Mayor of London’s volunteer scheme, Team London, at Kentish Town City Farm Volunteers aged 16-25 of all faiths can come and interact with each other and help out on Sunday March 25th from 10am-3pm. Get involved and make a real difference at this city farm. […]